"This & That"
Makes Us One

This is a youth talk show that discusses things that matter to young people on a daily basis from pop culture, news to social media – We Talk ABOUT IT! We will also show the talent and success of young adults in our community!

This & That is a new project of Redemption, Inc. Redemption, Inc. is a community-based non-profit 501(c)3.  We strive to address the issues pertaining to the youth sector in the Brooklyn community, in hopes of bettering their self-esteem, improving their knowledge and access to educational possibilities, and increasing overall community awareness.

Episode 2 - Not In My Hood
Episode1- Taking Care of You
Episode 3 - BATES Conference 
Episode 4 - Teen Life and Hobbies 

Episode 5 - "Get Your Mind Right" Back to School Event 

Episode 6: Behind The Blue